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Hi. I'm the director of EPSDC. Here I explain the concept of our clinic briefly.

Our clinic is focusing on keeping patients' oral health for a long time.
We think there are two important things and those are;

1) to eliminate the problem in your mouth as well as
2) to prevent the new problem in the future.

If you achieve these, you will keep all your teeth for many years.

The ordinal sequence of the treatment in our clinic is as follows.

1: First visit
 (Consultation for the chief complaint and the emergency treatment if needed)
2: Total examination in your mouth and the jaws
3: Consultation for the treatment plan for you
  We think it's very important to discuss the treatment plan with
  patients very well before we start treating teeth.
4: Support for the oral self care if needed
5: Dental treatment focusing to eliminate the problems (infection/ inflammation)
6: Dental treatment focusing to reconstruct or rehabilitate or for the esthetics
7: Support therapy to maintain your oral health

Cavities (caries) and gum disease (periodontal disease) are the two
main oral diseases and they are the main reason for the tooth loss.
Wealso know that the painful situation (pulpal and periapical diseases)
is the main reason for seeking dentist.
However, most of the disease in your mouth and the jaws are caused by
the bacteria exist in your oral cavity so, actually, we can prevent them.

We recommend you to prevent new diseases. Our hygienist will support you.

In order to eliminate infection, our dental clinic has a specialist
dentist (myself), who trained for the treatment of periodontal disease
and the root canals.
We try to eliminate infection and to prevent re-infection again in the future.

Again, I would like to emphasize that the most of the dental diseases

are caused by the oral microbiota, so that we recommend you to brush

your teeth very well,
and to come back and check-up again within 6 months in order to
prevent further problems in the future.

We cover the treatment of caries, root canals, gum disease, esthetic
crowns, esthetic fillings, implant, occlusal therapy, supportive
therapy, primary care, and preventive therapy. As for the orthodontic
treatment, we introduce you a specialist.

Thank you.

Hiroshi Miyashita, DDS.

Working as a general dentist but also known as a specialist in Endodontics (pain & root canals) and Periodontology (gum disease)

certified at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in 1996.

Lecturer for dentists since 1998.

Cochrane Oral Health Reviewer

The director of Swedish Postgraduate Dental Academy 2003

The member of American Academy of Endodontists

The member of Japan Endodontic Association

The member of Japan Society of Orofacial Pain etc.







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